Fokus Yatırım Holding is an investment holding company targeting non-financial and financial sectors through provision of advisory and asset management services. The critical success factor of Fokus is the human and intellectual capital the group espouses as well as the relentless desire for wealth and value creation with a solution driven approach premised on the development and implementation of broader, more innovative and pragmatic financial products.

As a firm, we strive to add value and create opportunity in the businesses we get involved in. Our creative, hands-on approach combined with our in depth and extensive deal making experience across industries and regions, in addition to our global and domestic relationships, distinguishes us from the competition.

The founding partner Mr. Kubilay Cinemre has over 25 years of combined international and domestic banking experience.

Fokus aims to invest in businesses that can deliver superior earnings and dividend growth over the long term. This involves the acquisition of meaningful interests in companies in order to have significant influence. Sound management and the ability to generate strong cash flow and growth are amongst investment criteria that are sought. Eventhough the initial target will be Turkey, the geographic focus will be expanded to seek opportunities in other countries with appropriate partners through strategic alliances or co-investments.

Our performance stems from :

  • Global access to unique value investment opportunities through our relationships and experience.
  • Strict alignment of interests through performance-based compensation and co-investment.
  • Highly meticulous business planning and execution.
  • A senior management team that combines extensive financial experience and deal track record throughout economic cycles.
  • Cultural and professional understanding and ability to interact efficiently with domestic and international investors and companies.